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Carpet Cleaning Mackay


Based in Mackay and servicing the entire region, we are also the experts to call for upholstery, leather and fabric cleaning. Cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas and other pests are no match for our skilled exterminators. We even offer a discount flea eradication service when you call us to clean your carpets.

Whether you need an emergency water extraction, an infestation eradicated, or just a spot and stain removal, we are the ones to call.
Furniture Cleaning — Carpets & Pest Control in Mackay, QLD
House Cleaning — Carpets & Pest Control in Mackay, QLD

End Of Lease House Cleaning


Packing and moving house can be time-consuming enough without worrying about whether your rental is spotless enough to pass your landlord's final check. We can clean walls, windows, ovens, bathrooms from top to bottom to ensure you get your bond money back.
To find out why we are the end of lease carpet cleaners Mackay real estate agents prefer, contact us today. We will make sure you benefit from more than 25 years collective industry experience.
Carpet Cleaning — Carpets & Pest Control in Mackay, QLD

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


Our experienced team have the best products at their disposal to eliminate stains, dirt, dust and odours. In addition to all kinds of carpets, we offer cleaning for rugs, curtains, blinds, lounge suites and more. We have special cleaning agents to clean leather upholstery, and our dual wand capacity steam cleaning machine is ideal for removing dirt and grime from deep within the carpet shag.
To organise a Mackay upholstery or carpet cleaning service with us, contact us today.
Pest Control — Carpets & Pest Control in Mackay, QLD

Pest Control


Ridding your home of many-legged intruders is simple and affordable with Nu-Style. Our Mackay exterminators have treatments for silverfish, cockroaches, spiders, ants, wasps, rats, mice and more. Though we do not offer treatments of termite infestations, we do provide a discount for flea extermination when you call us to clean your carpets.
Don't let vermin threaten the health of you, your family and your pets. Call Nu-Style Carpets & Pest Control today.
Water Damage Carpet — Carpets & Pest Control in Mackay, QLD

24/7 Water Damage Restoration


There are few things more frustrating than returning from your holiday to discover your carpets have been flooded. Whether the damage has been caused by a storm or a tap that has been left on, we have the right tools at our disposal to completely restore your carpets. For your convenience, we will respond to your call any hour of the day or night.
After extracting the water, we will dry the carpet structure and apply anti micro-bial to counter act any odour causing bacteria. When carpet is dry, we will finish with a steam clean.